• Visionary Founder, Rachael Hanley

    At the heart of Lash Ribbons®️ is a straight talking, Yorkshire Lass, Rachael Hanley. Her journey into the world of beauty entrepreneurship began over a decade ago when she founded Cherlaan Ltd, a company specialising in wedding accessories. However, as fate would have it, the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic threw her a curveball, impacting her business.
    Determined to pivot and thrive, Rachael's ambition and desire to create something
    remarkable for her daughter's future converged with the untapped potential in the beauty industry. Her perseverance to create something wonderful led to a remarkable discovery that would change the lives of thousands of women.
    Amid lockdown, Rachael's perceptive eyes caught onto a gap in the lash extension market. She noticed that customers were yearning for a solution that would bring the allure of salon-quality lashes to the comfort of their homes. With local beauty salons temporarily out of reach, people turned to the online realm for lash alternatives. However, the available options were limited, often demanding a premium price tag.
  • All You Need To Get Started..

    She recognised that Lash Ribbons®️ could not only meet the immediate needs of women during the pandemic but also offer a timeless solution that
    blends convenience, affordability and sophistication.
    "After thorough research, I came across a few manufacturers who had introduced a fresh line of false eyelashes in 2021. Utilising cutting-edge technologies, they managed to craft an innovative faux mink lash that's incredibly light, simple to apply, and remarkably similar to a real mink lash. The key distinctions are that they come at a much lower cost and more importantly, are entirely vegan-friendly." 
    Fast forward to 2023, Lash Ribbons®️ stands as the epitome of Rachael's perseverance and innovation. Since its launch, the brand's ribbons have
    transcended borders, making their mark in the United States, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and across the European Union. This global recognition speaks volumes about Lash Ribbons®️ as a trailblazing, homegrown success story, shipping its signature beauty solution to beauty mavens around the world.
  • The Bond That Delivers What It States On The Box...

    "Securing a registered Trademark for the name Lash Ribbons stands out as one of the most pivotal choices I've ever made. Since I first introduced the concept of lash ribbons to the UK market, numerous companies have attempted to replicate my idea and product. Fortunately my lawyers have done a stoic job in protecting my brand."
    Continuing to innovate, their new Weightless range is proving to be a big hit: “They have a hollow core, and the fibres used are a quarter of the weight of an ordinary fibre,” says Rachael, “which gives a more natural looking lash, whilst remaining light and buoyant.”
    Never one for standing still, the end of 2023 has seen the launch of a remarkable and fantastic brand new Lash Bond which is going to deliver the maximum staying power any customer could ever want. The longevity of it is unsurpassable.
    2024 has already seen the launch of some fantastic new coloured ribbons which will be perfect for all festive goers......and we have also launched the brand new innovative "No Faff Lash" which is pre-glued!
    Exciting times ahead!!