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Boxed 'C' Curl Brown Half Lash Ribbons® Starter Kit (With Clear Lash Bond)

Boxed 'C' Curl Brown Half Lash Ribbons® Starter Kit (With Clear Lash Bond)

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The boxed starter kit contains 2 BROWN half Lash Ribbons and all the necessary components to get you started creating your own lash extensions .  This package is enough for 2.5 sets of lashes, which are of course reusable

Kit contains:
1 x 10mm Half Lash Ribbon, 1 x 12mm Half Lash Ribbon in BROWN
1 x CLEAR LASH BOND (this has a small brush)
1 x Lash Applicator
1 x Pair of Scissors
1 x Spoolie
1 x Micro swab
1 x Instruction Card
Lash Ribbons® bring a whole new meaning to DIY Lashes. The lash ribbon is approx 15-16cm in length, giving you approx 2.5 sets of lashes.

They are the ultimate in allowing you to create your own set of lashes that no-one else will be wearing but they will all be talking about and wanting! Whether you want to add as segments, double segments, strip lashes or just a small cluster to give an added lift to your own lashes, the choice is yours. You simply trim the ribbon to the size you want, ensuring that you cut off any excess band, and then apply to your own lashes using our Lash Bond to create a set of unique styled lashes that will stay on for 7-10 days.

These are the next best thing to professionally applied eyelash extensions.

Our Clear Lash Bond has a small brush applicator


DISCLAIMER: The applicator has a rubber stopper on the end to keep the applicator in place - this may contain latex so please avoid use if you are allergic to Latex

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