How To Apply

Please follow our easy Step by Step Guide to achieve a perfect lash application - you will find that as you begin to master your own application method you will achieve longer wear time. Some of our customers achieve upto 3 weeks continuous wear.

Step 1

Choose your preferred lash style (these are Lena Weightless Pre-Cut)

Step 2

Carefully remove from the inner sleeve (if you have the full ribbon you will need to cut it into segments)

Step 3

Choose your preferred bond (this is the Clear Lash Bond'Em)

Step 4

Apply the bond to the base of the segment or alternatively to the base of your own natural lash

Step 5

Allow the bond to become tacky - the time will vary dependent upon the bond (30-40 seconds)

Step 6

Apply each segment to the underside of your natural lashes slightly above the waterline - if you slightly overlap the segments this will minimise segments lifting

Step 7

After application and the bond has started to dry, clamp the lashes at the base to increase the bond - ensure your applicator is glue free

Step 8

Application of a sealant is optional and is only required if the bond remains sticky after a couple of hours

Step 9

Apply the sealant to the area where the bond has been applied - do not coat your own natural lashes

Step 10

The lashes are now finished on one eye and you will need to repeat the above process for your other eye

Step 11

If you have applied too much bond and your lashes appear clumpy then you can give them a brush through with a spoolie