Can I Put Mascara On My Lash Ribbons®?

No, it will lessen the longevity of our lashes if you apply mascara and also it isn't necessary as our Lash Ribbons® create a perfect set of full lashes. 

How Long Will My Lashes Last?

This is largely dependent upon your care routine and whether you are wearing the lashes continuously or removing them daily.  If you are removing them daily the lashes will have a longevity of 1 month.  If wearing continuously you should be able to obtain at least a one week wear and should be able to reuse them again upto 5/6 times.  Again this mainly down to the user, i.e. your application method, the oil content of both your skin and hair. As with anything new, the more experienced you become the easier the application will be and the retention time will increase.

Do You Have To Apply These Lashes Under Your Own Lash?

No, of course not.  If you wish to cut to a strip lash size, then these can be applied on top of your own lashes and indeed the segments can also be applied on top of your own lashes.  The choice is entirely yours as to how you wish to wear these.

How Close To The Segment Do I Need To Trim The Band?

As close as deemed possible.  If you have any excess band sticking out this can sometimes irritate the eye and the segments don't fit flush.  As with everything, practise makes perfect and you will soon get your own routine sorted.

Do I Place the Lash Segment On My Waterline?

Absolutely not. When placing the lash segment under your natural lash you must allow at least a 1-2mm gap from the waterline. If you apply the lash segment onto the waterline this will cause your eye to water, feel itchy and uncomfortable. This can also lead to eye infections. The simple rule is if you can feel it, the placement is wrong. Remove the lash segment and reapply.


What Product Do You Recommend To Remove Any Residual Glue Left On The Lash Ribbons?

Please use Isopropyl Alchohol to clean the Lash Ribbons®.   Leave them to soak overnight (or even longer if needed) and then clean with a make up brush on some kitchen roll to remove excess glue and brush up with a spoolie.  The Lash Ribbons® will then be like new again and can be used upto 5/6 times. 

What Happens If I Have An Adverse Reaction To One Of Your Adhesive Products?

We strongly recommend that a patch test is always carried out at the back of the ear with any new product - this way you will know whether or not the product is suitable for your skin type. 

If irritation occurs during the patch test please wash the area thoroughly with warm water to remove any of the product and DO NOT continue to use.   Whilst all our products are Latex Free, Non-Toxic and are suitable for sensitive skin, unfortunately they will not be suitable for everyone. 

Are Any Of Your Products Tested On Animals?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!   We do not sell any products of this nature and we have no intention of selling Mink Lashes.  We totally disagree with Mink Farming.  All our products are 100% Vegan Friendly. On a plus  side - as the quality of our lashes is so advanced, it is hard to differentiate between a Mink Lash and one of our Advanced Faux Mink Lashes so if you prefer the finish of a Mink Lash then try ours - you won't be disappointed.


How Quickly Do You Despatch Goods?

FOR ITEMS IN STOCK:  We will despatch within 2 days of receipt of order.   We will try to despatch your goods the same day you order if you order before 3.00pm, however this is not always possible so please allow 2 days -this is only applicable for orders placed Mon-Fri.  If you place an order at  the weekend it will be despatched on the following Monday (we are  unable to despatch orders on a Bank Holiday therefore your item will be despatched on the following working day)

What Method Do You Use For Posting?

All UK orders are despatched via Royal Mail.   You have the option to choose either 48hr, 24hr or Special Delivery.   A tracking number will be sent with your despatch notification once your parcel has been collected by our Postman.  

All  overseas orders are despatched via Royal Mail using a Tracked, Signed  or Tracked & Signed service (this is dependent upon which option is  available for the prevailing country)

Do You Ship Your Products Outside Of The UK?

YES, we ship WORLDWIDE!! 

My Item Is Showing As Delivered But I Haven't Received The Order?

Firstly we suggest you contact your local sorting office and give them the tracking number of your parcel. Find out which postman/woman was working on that specific day and ask if they have left your item with a neighbour or in a safe place.  If you are still unable to locate your parcel please contact us and we will then raise a claim with the postal company.


Do You Offer Trade Discount?

Yes we do, if you have your own beauty related business or are an established MUA then use the code displayed in the banner at the top of the page to receive a discount of 30%  Min order spend of £150 is applicable to receive, however, in theory if you spend £150 it is only costing roughly £100! Also, if you wish to become a stockist or reseller we offer a 40% discount on orders placed over £300.

If An Item Is Out Of Stock, Can I Place A Back Order?

At this current time we are unable to allow back orders or pre-orders due to the sheer volume of customers that wish to order our Lash Ribbons.  Please follow us on Instagram or TikTok (click on the links below) or sign up to our newsletter to stay up-to-date with new product announcements and stock arrivals.

What Methods Of Payment Do You Accept?

Payment can be made via PayPal, Visa/Debit, Visa Credit, & Mastercard, Applepay, Shop 

Any Other Questions?

Have a question that's not covered, then please click here