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'C' Curl Budget Starter Kit (With Clear Lash Bond 'Em)

'C' Curl Budget Starter Kit (With Clear Lash Bond 'Em)

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This is our entry level starter kit, created to suit all pockets. It comprises of the following

Kit contains:

1 x Economy Black Lash Ribbon - Single Use (Length & style of your choice)

1 x Clear Bond'Em

1 x Pair of Scissors

1 x Pink Applicator

1 x Micro swab

1 x Instruction Card

1 x Starter Kit Bag

The Economy Lash Ribbon is a SINGLE USE Lash Ribbon and offers a more affordable option if you simply want to try out the system or if you are wanting to try different styles.

Lash Ribbons bring a whole new meaning to DIY Lashes. The lash ribbon is approx 15-16cm in length, giving you approx 2.5 sets of lashes. Majoirty of our lashes are available in the following lengths, each one created in a 'C' Curl-

10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm

They are the ultimate in allowing you to create your own set of lashes that no-one else will be wearing but they will all be talking about and wanting! Whether you want to add as segments, double segments, strip lashes or just a small cluster to give an added lift to your own lashes, the choice is yours. You simply trim the ribbon to the size you want, ensuring that you cut off any excess band, and then apply to your own lashes using our Lash Bond Glue to create a set of unique styled lashes that will stay on for days.

These are the next best thing to professionally applied eyelash extensions.


This is the new revised packaging - a smaller bent applicator to ease application and a larger opening to ensure plenty of the bond is dispensed. This clear bonding glue has been manufactured in China and should be used in conjunction with our Lash Ribbons.   Depending upon your application method you will be achieve anywhere from 3-7 days wear.  This should be applied to your lashes and brushed only onto the base of your lashes using the small mascara type wand, you can of course brush on top of the lash too. Apply only a small area at a time and you only need to wait 20-30 seconds before applying the lash as that is when the bond will be at it's best tack. Once the lashes are in place, using our lash applicators clamp the lashes to your own lashes, by doing so this will increase the bond. Use within 3 months after opening.

As with any new adhesive product we always suggest that a patch test be carried out behind the ear 24 hours prior to application

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